Futures are highly standardized financial contract or a derivative instrument, which obligates the two parties to transact a set of financial instruments, at a predetermined future date and price.

To reduce the counterparty risks and default risks, all futures positions are marked-to-market daily, participants must maintain a certain margin level.

The Benefits of Futures Trading - Speculation and Hedging

Primarily, investors do not enter into a futures contract to possess or sell the physical goods. Rather, it is a popular investment instrument to speculate on the changing values of securities, or investor may use it as a hedging instrument to reduce potential losses.

Trading Futures with Eone General Trading Pte. Ltd

Clients can trade futures products with commodities (energy, agricultural good, and metal), indices, and bonds.

Instruments Name Currency Margin for Contract in % Trading Session
UKOIL.f Crude Oil Brent Futures USD 2% Mon. 01:00 -24:00
Tues.-Fri 00:00-01:00 / 03:00-24:00
USOIL.f West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil Futures USD 2% Mon.-Fri. 01:00-24:00
NGAS.f NGAS Futures USD 10% Mon.- Thurs. 01:00-24:00
Fri. 01:00 – 23:45
COPPER.f Copper Futures USD 2% Mon.- Thurs. 01:00-24:00
Fri. 01:00 – 23:45
CHINA50.f China A50 Futures USD 5% Mon.-Fri. 04:00-11:30 / 12:15-21:00
CHINAH.f China H-Shares Futures HKD 5% Mon.03:15-06:00 / 07:00-10:30 / 11:15-17:45
Tues.-Thurs. 00:00-22:15 / 22:30-23:00
Friday 00:00-22:15
DX.f Dollar Index Futures USD 2.0% Mon.-Fri. 03:00-24:00
MDE50.f Germany Mid-Cap Futures EUR 2.0% Mon.-Fri. 11:00-24:00
DETEC30.f Germany Tech 30 Futures EUR 2.0% Mon.-Fri. 11:00-24:00
HK50.f Hong Kong Futures HKD 5% Mon.-Fri. 03:15-06:00 / 07:00-10:30 / 11:15-17:45
IND50.f India 50 Futures USD 5% Mon.-Fri. 04:00-13:10 / 14:15-21:00
SING.f Singapore Blue Chip Futures SGD 5% Mon.-Fri. 03:30-12:10 / 13:15-21:00
LCC.f London Cocoa Futures GBP 3% Mon.-Fri. 11:30-18:55
LRC.f London Coffee Futures USD 3% Mon.-Fri. 11:00-19:30
LSU.f London Sugar Futures USD 3% Mon.-Fri. 10:45-20:00
CC.f US Cocoa Futures USD 3% Mon.-Fri. 11:45-20:30
KC.f US Coffee Futures USD 3% Mon.-Fri. 11:15-20:30
CT.f US Cotton Futures USD 3% Mon.-Fri. 04:00-21:20
SB.f US Sugar Futures USD 3% Mon.-Fri. 10:30-20:00
FGBL.f Euro Bund Futures EUR 2% Mon.-Fri. 10:00-24:00
FLG.f UK Long Gilt Futures GBP 2% Mon.-Fri. 10:00-20:00
TY.f US 10yr T-Note Futures USD 2% Mon.01:00-24:00.
Tues.-Friday. 24:00-01:00, 02:00-24:00

Server Time

Eone General Trading Pte. Ltd MT5 Server Time, which is GMT +2 in the winter, and GMT +3 in the summer.

Session Break

Session break times for all Future Products are shown in the tables above.

Minimum Ticket Size

The minimum ticket size is in lots on all Futures is 1.

Maximum Ticket Size

The maximum ticket size is in lots as follows:

UKOIL.f, USOIL.f, NGAS.f, COPPER.f = 200 TY.f , FLG.f , FGBL.f = 500

CHINA50.f, HK50.f , CHINAH.f , MDE50.f, DETEC30.f, DX.f, SING.f, IND50.f = 100 SB.f , CT.f , KC.f , CC.f, LRC.f, LSU.f, LCC.f = 50

Trading Steps

The trading steps are in lots, and are 1.

Margin for Contract in % of the Contract Value

Margin Varies as per above table.

Margin Call

The margin call is 100%.


The stop-out (or liquidation MT5 margin level) is 30%.

The Account is available as Swap Free for clients following the Muslim Faith.
Leverage is based on balance, decrease as balance will be higher according to policy

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