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Eone General Trading Pte. Ltd is a Singapore based broker, incorporated under the Companies Act, and the company is a EXEMPT PRIVATE COMPANY LIMITED BY SHARES.

The systems are designed for individual and expert customers alike, every customer uniquely benefitting from the identical charge and liquidity. Our founders overview each piece of client remarks to always enhance our services.

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Whether you are new to trading or have moved directly to superior strategies, there may be continual room for growth. Analyse charts that will help you perceive potential trends, apprehend price movements, and craft entry and exit strategies. Also, Bonds are one of the maximum common investments, but to many investors, they may be still a mystery. we’ve never lost sight of our roots. We constantly attempt to make sure that you've got the whole lot you want to be successful – your OWN way.

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Reliability It relies on the historic evaluation of trade activity and price-shift to are expecting future changes and therefore is basically pattern-seeking and intuitive.

Technology & Tools

Technical analysis is a trading discipline that is used to locate the destiny price of shares and different monetary gadgets with the intention to unearth perfect trading opportunities.

Speed Of Execution

It takes nearly 0.1 seconds for execution. if orders are making more than that, you're most likely to experience slippage due to prices change.

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Communicate with us in your native language. We provide local service and we are always ready to respond. We care for you so that you can grow with us.




Personalised Customer Service

Size does not matter. At Eone FX the client comes first regardless of net capital worth, account type or size of investment. All our clients receive the same quality services, the same execution, and the same level of support.

Safety Of Funds

As an authorized and regulated broker, we conduct our operations in fair and professional manner. We observe strict international minimal equity capital requirements and we are regularly audited to ensure all client funds.

Competitive Spreads & Commissions

To keep spreads as narrow as possible, we aim to get optimal prices from all our liquidity providers. Real time prices are aggregated from liquidity providers in order to offer best bid and ask prices to clients.

Easy and Safe Deposit Withdrawal

Coins are highly secure, thanks to cryptography. There are no intermediaries involved in a transaction. Deposit and withdrawal is easy irrespective of currency you want to deal in. Here You will get the chance of getting benefits in saving your hidden charges.